A Harmony Junkie, A World Of Influences

Born in a musicians' family, with her grandfather being a music composer, her parents and other relatives being classical music singers, professional pianist and orchestra conductor, Kenix was naturally groomed to be a professional musician. She was first exposed to “ensembles” in her own living room with all the elder family members playing instruments and singing together. She was immediately amazed by the harmony of music. She learnt to play over 10 instruments during childhood, including piano, flute, guitar and drums. She started composing at the age of 6. She joined every single musical activity at school. She’s also a traveller. She has visited 16 countries and resided in New Zealand for a few years. Hence the massively diverse musical influences of hers, from Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff, to Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra, to Nirvana and Dream Theater, to Japanese rock such as X-Japan and L'arc en ciel, to Bjork and Sinead O’Connor, to Radiohead and Muse, to Jay-Z and Lady Gaga, to Korean stars such as G-Dragon and Rain Bi, to Norah Jones and Bruno Marz, to Thailand R&B hits, while she never misses out on David Guetta and of course, local Hong Kong pop music throughout a few generations took its toll too (now, imagine her iTunes list). For the true "soul food", she might barely say that psychedelic rock or maybe brit pop rock would be it. It’s not hard to explain why she never has much of a “definite preference”. Simply put, whenever she hears harmonies, she’s “alive”. It’s the purest part of music that she loves, that she feeds on.

"Na, didn't start playing at that age. Half a year later maybe."

Career as a Pop Musician in Hong Kong

Her passion in experimenting different genres had paved way for her recognition as a professional musician in Hong Kong. Her diversified musical background had become a huge advantage for her music career in Hong Kong, as local pop music demands sophisticated elements and styles in even one single song. To her, it’s heaven to be able to harmonize a combination of classical instruments and electronica elements, or even exotic tribal instruments etc. Throughout the past 14 years, she had been signed as an exclusive songwriter by several publishing companies and the most recent, Universal Music Publishing. She has worked with almost all local singers, as well as some Singaporean and Malaysian singers, with over 70 of pop music publications alone.

Her song "Bitter Gourd" for Eason Chan, one of the most famous singers in Hong Kong, had won Best Song of the Year 2011 and several other awards in local and other Chinese radios throughout the world, with YouTube clicks of about 3.5 million on the official music video, a very rare achievement for Hong Kong local pop music, considering there are only 7 million HK people. Eason Chan later performed the song during his DUO Concert in O2 Arena as the first Asian singer to perform there, and made a record breaking 20 minutes sellout and crashed the web server.

Kenix is also a singer-songwriter and a recording artist. She had published a personal album and played piano for many recordings. She would sometimes sing chorus parts too. Her mixed instrumental, arrangement and vocal skills led her to become a music project producer for local and international projects. Her meticulous choice of instruments sounding has led her to recently become a mixing engineer for selected songs as leisure side projects.

"It still feels a little crazy... to see my name being that huge. That's one of the moments I'm gonna think of when I'm taking my last breath."

All About Mood Music

She has an extensive history on TV drama music with TVB (Television Broadcasts Limited), the largest local television channels provider. Her work includes one of the 30-episodes hit show "Maiden's Vow", which the stories spanned in four generations in the period of 120 years, including revolution, WWII and post-war period in China. It was an extraordinary experience and great challenge on making background music for different generations and cultures. In the past few years, she had also worked for GameCyber, a computer game developer based in Hong Kong, including theme music for the games, TV commercial music and in-game music. She had experiences on some interesting international projects, such as, exhibition on the grand opening of Ion Orchard in Singapore, which she has enjoyed putting together classical elements with heavy electronica beats, and commercial exhibitions of a few financial centres in Chengdu including International Finance Square, which she incorporated traditional Chinese "calmness" into modern western music to present the mixed Chinese-western design concept. As a mixing engineer, she has worked on the final mix on Red Bull 2012 commercial in China, featuring Olympics medalist Lin Dan.

Being A Teacher

TV scores, huge rush, quick dinner, happy time.

Although she has devoted most of her time to music productions, she never forgets her passion for teaching. Since 2007, she has been giving music production lectures in music education institutes, such as Baron School of Music (Diploma in Music Composition and Production), and later, focused on the private school she started, in the form of apprentices training. In 2014, she has started a music production company, Reality Zoo Production, which includes 5 of her proud apprentices as in-house musicians, who have now experienced in pop music productions, local TV background music and award ceremony background music productions. The Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2013 by Hong Kong Arts Development Council, which is an equivalent of National Medals of Arts in the US, had hired the team to provide all the music for the announcement videos for all the winners, requiring some traditional Chinese music, Indian fusion dance, classical orchestral arrangements and many other styles, where the team's diversified music backgrounds had come in handy again.

And Yet...

Since she is a fast worker, she manages to have leisure time to spend, mostly on cooking, sometimes holding dinner parties with the team - recording before cooking, and after the meal, started mixing the song. Other times she hangs with her pet chinchillas and rabbit, watching TV shows and films from US and UK. Don’t start with her on Dexter, she’s going to flush all her thoughts on the lumberjack finale down on you. She also writes in a column for a local audiophile magazine, which explains why this profile is a wee bit long.


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