Kenix is unstoppable. There is nothing that sounds like her, as well as nothing that she can't sound like.

An established and versatile musician who has a wide variety of publications, including different genres like pop ballad, rock ballad, classical, R&B, bossa nova, electronica and experimental music, Kenix has accumulated over 150 publications, ranging from Chinese pop music, advertisement music, TV series/specials scores and computer game theme music, to art/commercial exhibitions and awards ceremony music, during the past 12 years. Yes, she doesn't really sleep.

You may wanna check out some of the publications and demos here.

"Not only that Kenix has a relentless passion on music and her work, she is also one of the most prolific and hardest working musician I know of in Hong Kong".

    - Schumann Lee
    Sterling Sound (NYC - Hong Kong and Greater China Project Coordinator), prominent music producer and mixing engineer in Hong Kong


During her professional career, she had been signed as an exclusive songwriter by BMG Music Publishing (former Sony/BMG), EMI Music Publishing, Media Asia Music Publishing and Universal Music Publishing respectively.

She has worked with almost all singers in Hong Kong, as well as some Singaporean and Malaysian singers. Her passion in songwriting and arranging has brought her awards including Best Song of the Year 2011 for the song “Bitter Gourd”, which she wrote and arranged for Eason Chan, one of the most famous singers in Hong Kong. Eason later performed the song in O2 Arena as the first Asian in history to play there.

Her efficiency in productions has dropped a lot of jaws. And the secret is that, once she puts herself in the mood, melodies and full pictures of the songs just pop up in her mind and all the time she needs would be just for recording the notes. Well, and the love for music over the bed.

In her mini concert - The White Night

Other than composing...

Kenix’s broad specialities landed her numerous exciting gigs, such as music conducting for local pop concerts, music producing for the Opening Exhibition of Ion Orchard, Singapore, branding music producing for Wheelock Square, Shanghai, music producing for the commercial exhibition of Chengdu International Finance Square, and mixing engineering for Red Bull 2011 commercial in Greater China, which featured Olympics badminton medalist Lin Dan.

For TV scores productions, she has an extensive working history with TVB (Television Broadcast Limited), the largest local television channels provider, on dozens of TV series scores and theme songs. As an all-rounded musician, Kenix is also a singer-songwriter and a recording artist. She has published a personal album, held a few mini concerts, played piano for many recordings and sometimes sings the chorus parts as well. She has been invited to be a judge for many singing contests, eg. The University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Joint School Association etc. She is also a regular column writer for the audiophile magazine Lyra Sound of Nature.

"I DO sleep.
I just don't get tired doing the things I love!"

- Kenix


Since there are 24 hours a day...

In other times, she’s a graphics designer and photographer, sometimes taking pictures and making layouts for ads published in local magazines and online. Website developing was her first career during teenage, and she still enjoys coding and has created some websites. You’re browsing one of them.

Although she has devoted most of her time to music productions, she never forgets her passion for teaching. Since 2007, she has been giving music production lectures in institutes such as Baron School of Music (Diploma in Music Composition and Production), and later, focused on the private school she started, in the form of apprentices training. In 2014, she launched a music production company, Reality Zoo Production, which includes 6 of her proud apprentices as in-house musicians. Their clients include Radio Television Hong Kong and Hong Kong Arts Development Council etc.


What's next?

Her current goal is to explore the world. She would love to work on international projects, or any kinds of off-shore projects. With her experiences and the team's help, she's eager to try anything new, as long as there is harmony.


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