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Jovin Lee is a full time violin teacher and composer. Inspired by classical conductor, Herbert von Karajan, he enjoys including strings arrangements in his music. He is also influenced by Muse, a “love at first sight” band for him. He is fascinated by Matthew Bellamy’s custom guitar, with a combination of different effect circuits and midi interfaces. On the other hand, he also loves the ethereal atmosphere and aesthetic composition which Sigur Rós had created in their records. Inspired by Bonobo’s album: The North Borders, he had started composing TV scores, combining music with different environmental sounds. He considers creating music a journey of exploring classical elegance and contemporary innovation. Besides pop ballad, he is eager to produce scores for films, art exhibitions and other creative projects.

Musical influences: Herbert von Karajan, Muse, Sigur Rós, Bonobo


Vi Pang has developed an unbreakable connection with music since a very young age when she started to learn harmonica and piano. She then explored music with different instruments including jazz drums, trumpet and guitar. As a trumpet player in a symphonic band, she discovered the magnificent character of the instrument and started to include this element in her pop music arrangements as her signature. Fascinated by local pop music with sophisticated arrangements, she pays great attention to every single detail in her compositions. She believes that there are feelings that can only be expressed with music, and hence creating music is an important element in exploring life. She is curious to experiment with new elements and looking forward to integrate them into her own creation.

Musical influences: Bruno Mars, The Script


Jessica L. is a professional piano accompanist and piano teacher with over 30 students with outstanding performances in numerous competitions and examinations. She has been awarded as ‘The Best Accompanist’ in a local competition. She set off her musical journey when she joined the percussion band since primary school. Inspired by being a percussionist of the Orchestra when she was young, including playing marimba, vibraphone, woodblock and timpani. In her compositions, she particularly likes to include  strings. With some elegant and playful violin lines, sometimes sorrowful and intensed cello lines, she tries to express the colorful and fullness of life and feelings.

Musical influences: Chopin , Joe Hisaishi




Raenix Leung is a translator of many kinds. In daytime, she’s a professional language translator. At night times, she’s a composer of different genres. She’s learnt conventional Chinese music at schools both in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and had extended experiences with western classical piano playing which earned her an ABRSM Grade 8 certificate. While she was the keyboardist of her band, she also handled external affairs, eg. finding sponsorship, handling show requests, arranging band shows and singing contests. Harmonizing among different genres, instruments and even human relationships is her interest and life mission. Also a regular goer of drama performance, she longs to explore and experience life through participating in creative projects by making good use of her classical music training background and music production skills.

Musical influences: Damien Rice, Coldplay

Kazper Ng

Sound Engineer.

BSc (Hons) Sound Technology and Digital Music from Oxford Brookes University, UK



Current clients: Radio Television Hong Kong, Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Work list will be updated soon.

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